Doc, you need a GP

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A new AMA campaign encourages practitioners to prioritise their own health.

Today the AMA launches its “I have a GP” initiative, encouraging health professionals to – it’s right there in the name – have a GP. 

The campaign includes videos featuring doctors at different points in their careers outlining the value they get from having a regular GP. The videos will be posted on AMA’s LinkedIn and Instagram under the hashtag #ihaveaGP. 

Co-opting the old phrase about a lawyer who represents themselves having “a fool for a client”, AMA president Professor Steve Robson said the campaign would address the tendency of doctors to put their own health second in the name of stoicism or to self-diagnose. 

“It’s so important for doctors to take care of their own health,” said Professor Robson. 

“We know that doctors go through a lot, and the past few years have really added extra pressure on top of an already demanding job. 

“This initiative really shares the message that doctors need their own doctors to keep them in good health. 

“Of course, it’s vital that our health systems and employers also accommodate doctors to get medical care. A healthy workforce is a productive workforce, and we need to prioritise the health and wellbeing of our doctors.” 

In the first video of the series posted this morning, AMSA president Tish Sivagnanan talks about the importance of having a doctor who applies a holistic understanding of a patient rather than just treating a condition, allowing them to form treatment plans patients can adhere to based on their lifestyles. 

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