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Allergy & Respiratory Republic is here to boost community and communication for specialists and GPs.

Welcome to Allergy & Respiratory Republic’s fortnightly email newsletter for Australian and New Zealand allergy, immunology and respiratory professionals.

You should already be receiving our tabloid print publication of the same name, but with this email service and the associated website we hope we are creating a space where you can engage more regularly and provide timely feedback.

The point of a specialist vertical for allergy, immunology and respiratory professionals is simple: community and communication.

As a group of professionals tightly aligned in specialisation, you have more to discuss and review than just the major new international clinical journal findings arriving in your inbox each week via the big overseas services. As a community facing localised issues – bushfires for example – and with local regulations and guidelines to develop, adapt and implement, we think there is space for this group to share more tailored insights, news and analysis.

The idea of the digital space is also so you can communicate with important downstream healthcare providers, especially GPs, who aren’t up to speed on the latest findings in your specialisation and often are not able to prescribe new targeted biological drugs, but need to know better how to refer. ARR is a close relative of our GP publication, The Medical Republic, so we can make this happen. Although this is a largely specialist-focused channel, a good proportion of our readers are interested GPs.

To help guide us we have an editorial board led by Dr David Price, who spends his time between the UK, Singapore and Brisbane and brings an international perspective to our local community of specialists. Other board members include Professor Sinthia Bosnic-Anticevich, Professor Simon Carney, Professor Richard Harvey, Dr Aaron Chambers, Dr Kerry Hancock, and Dr Beejal Vyas-Price, who is also our associate editor and day-to-day content director.

If you are interested in participating more or writing please feel free to contact Dr Vyas-Price at Beejal@communedigital.co.

If you aren’t receiving the print edition but would like to, you can contact Sarah Stanbridge at sarah@medicalrepublic.com.au to get on our mailing list.

If you don’t want any more email in your inbox and you’d like to stop this service, simply go to the bottom of the newsletter and click Unsubscribe.

We hope you do like it, though.


Jeremy Knibbs


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