What’s new in Asthma 2.2 (and 3)?

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And please, feel free to say what you really think.

Besides death and taxes, there’s something else you can count on, and that’s an Asthma Handbook update.

Version 2.2 will be led by a fresh face, the new Chair of the Australian Asthma Handbook Guidelines Committee, Professor Nick Zwar.

Dr Zwar, a GP, gives The Tea Room listeners a sneak peek into changes in the latest handbook update, and the one after that. He wants you to keep a shortcut handy on your desktop, and he’s invited you to provide feedback – good or bad – to make sure that’s always going to be worth doing. You can tell him what you think by writing to nac@nationalasthma.org.au.

He also gives the official word on asthma and covid and that persistent cough.

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