Flu, covid and RSV in one place

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The Immunisation Coalition has launched a series of webinars to keep healthcare professionals up to speed.

The Immunisation Coalition is holding a series of webinars for healthcare professionals on influenza, covid and RSV.

The three webinars will run over the next three months and feature a panel discussion focussing on how the diseases are progressing and strategies around increasing vaccination rates.

Registrations are open for the first webinar, to be held on 17 April from 6-6.45pm.

According to the Coalition, the webinars aim to update healthcare professionals on the progress of a coordinated influenza/covid/RSV vaccination approach through primary care, pharmacy and workplace mobile vaccination services.

This will include providing a monthly update (April, May and June) on the number of laboratory-confirmed influenza, covid and RSV cases by national, state, outbreak areas and hospital settings.

Experts will also review the number of vaccinations administered across age groups compared to 2023 and the pre-covid pandemic period, and how these compare with the current number of laboratory confirmed cases.

Data specific to high-risk groups will be shared and current government and non-government vaccination initiatives reviewed. Identifying main challenges/barriers limiting vaccination, and how these can be addressed, will also be discussed.

Adelaide GP and Coalition chair Dr Rodney Pearce will lead the webinars, joined by Professor Ian Barr, deputy director of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Reference and Research on Influenza, based at the Doherty Institute in Melbourne; Chris Campbell, general manager for Policy and Program Delivery at the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia; nurse practitioner Catherine Keil, a fellow of the Faculty of Travel Medicine (FFTM), Australasian College of Tropical Medicine; and GP Dr Kirsten Baluch.

Dates for the webinars include 17 April, 22 May and 19 June. For more information see here.

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